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Adams Gun Shop

marker Flint, Michigan


50 reviews
Jessica Thibault

This review is based only on my most recent interaction with Ted and two other employees 5/29. All three were great but Ted is the saving grace of this place. After trying to reach someone on the phone and via their website email option, I resorted to Facebook. They were responsive via Facebook when they thought I was buying from them. I asked about a transfer through them. I was told that was OK via Facebook messenger. When I arrived in the store, I was questioned as to who said it was ok to send the firearm here?. I dont know who runs their Facebook but they should probably have a clue who is responding to their customers. I was made to feel like I was wrong for expecting someone to respond to emails and calls. You can buy a mini light up scooter, cat food and a firearm here. Someone needs to back up their truck and donate a truck load of junk which makes this place look like a sad dollar store, get rid of staff who cant keep up and start being proactive rather than reactive. I have a feeling if this were Teds shop and his alone, the experience from start to finish would be much better.
Howard Mangum

FINAL UPDATED BELOW!!!At this post 5 stars. I ordered a new m&p 9 yesterday on line and received Immediate confirmation, and a request for a FFL copy from my local gun dealer. I asked a question and again received a immediate reply. My local dealer emailed a copy of their FFL yesterday. At this point, all is well. To be continued... 3 WEEKS AND A DAY TODAY, NO GUN. I WAS TOLD LAST MONDAY 7/22 BY PHONE I WOULD HAVE MY PURCHASE BY WEEKS END. TRIEDS 3 TIMES TO GET A CALL IN TODAY, GOS TO VOICE MAIL,,, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I WISH I HAD READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE I ORDERED! PHONE'S ON VOICE MAIL. THEY DO NOT RETURN EMAILS OR TEXTS OR PHONE CALLS!!! Received my order yesterday 8/5, I'm sure if you live close enough to buy in person, Adams gun shop and their customer service is great, that being said,,, dealing with them 'on line' a few states away was not fun with no timely return calls or emails. My 2 stars reflect that frustration. Online service needs improvement!

If I could give this store a Zero Star I honestly would. DO NOT SHOP HERE. So I live an hour away from this store and before I headed out I gave them a call on a specific AK I wanted. The guy told me they just sold one and had a couple more in stock. I asked if he could hold one for me because I am an hour away. He said he couldn't but not to worry because they won't sell out and will have some once I come. So I jumped in my car and drove an hour 58 miles to this store. When I got there I asked a white male for the Zastava AK I was looking for and he informed me that they sold two early and have no more and that they were getting a shipment from UPS either today or tomorrow. So I was informed they. had them drove an HOUR only to come and here that. LITERALLY THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER DO NOT SHOP HERE!!! Now I see why they are rated 2.5 stars. Never will step foot in this store again and I advise you don't either
Matt Kreczmer

Placed an order for a rifle and received no communication from the store aside from the order confirmation. After two weeks had passed with no updates, found on my card statement that my payment had been refunded immediately the day after I ordered it with no attempt by the store to let me know that the order had been cancelled/refunded.Go back to the shop page and wouldn't you know it, the rifle in question in suddenly listed for $1300 instead of the $1000 it was previously.Though they at least refunded my charge immediately when they decided they weren't going to fulfill my order, I'd rather spend a little more for a gun from a reputable shop rather than buying from a business that lacks the integrity to honor their own listed prices and doesn't care about their customers enough to keep them informed of changes to their order.

Unprofessional, disorganized, poor customer service. They didnt call when they reopened after quarantine to give me my gun that was already paid for. They didnt call when they forgot to give me my drivers license back. They werent answering their phones for weeks. I do not recommend!