50 reviews

Accurate Firearms Llc

marker Independence Charter Township, Michigan


50 reviews
Jim Marquette

Just completed a CPL class with instructor Mike Pierce. Very informative session covering many important aspects of safe firearm management and usage. If you are entertaining the thought of obtaining a CPL certificate I would highly recommend registering for this class. The facility and the instructor are both top notch and you won't be disappointed.
Bryce Long

S Mercer

Good place to keep your shooting skills sharp. Friendly and safe.
Casey Gibbons

Ive been here a few times, and have mixed experiences. I went to buy a glock 19 gen 5 and they were out of stock. This is an item they carry, but i placed a special order so I knew I wouldn't have to fight over it when it came in. They made me pay for shipping!! on an item they would order anyways for their own stock. Thats terrible.When I go to use the range, Im fairly pleased. Prices are fair enough and it's a clean range. The one issue I had was that the target retrieval system for my lane stopped working, so I brought it up to the range guide. Instead of moving me to a new lane when all others were empty, he said just keep jiggling the line when it stops working(which makes it temporarily work again). Seems like they knew of the issue prior and don't care to fix it.Lastly, I went in to purchase a rifle. They had the synthetic stock, but didn't carry the wood grain I wanted. Maybe I'm wrong, but if you're going to sell a firearm, have more than one stock option available. I told the man that I'll find a place that stocks this firearm so I can hold it before I buy it. He tells me that if I like the wood grain that I should come back and he can order it for me. Thats a hard NO! If you won't even stock it and another place has it already and they don't make me pay for shipping I'm going to buy it there. They lost a large purchase and I'll go elsewhere.

This is an excellent store the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and made my first firearm purchase a great experience I will definitely continue to do business with them I highly recommend.