50 reviews

Bald Mountain Shooting Range & Gun Shop

marker Lake Orion, Michigan


50 reviews
Kevin Spencer

Very good first experience here. Good range master, simple procedures. Somewhat pricey, but a fine place to shoot a rifle or handgun. I did not do any clays here, but enjoyed the rifle course. Wish they went out to 300 yards, but what is there is fine.
Irene Laurian

The first time I went I was shocked and awed in wonderment by how scenic the location is. It is straight out of a movie and completyly blissful-other than the crisply fried hanging baskets. ((You men need to work more on your watering skills than your shooting and that's saying something!))As for the skeet shooting, there is a good range in levels from very basic to more challenging. There are many huts spread throughout the location so sun is no problem. Perfect, so you can put all your ever so needed energy on your aim instead of expending it on over heating pervention :)
bill gardner

One of the best shooting ranges in the nation,.
Tae Lim

Very friendly staff members and a nice range. Please keep up the good work!
Patrick Green

Today was my first time going to an outdoor range. Let me tell you it was an absolute pleasure going there. While waiting for my name to be called for an open lane my friend and I shot some skeet which was also a first for me. The staff was very friendly and courteous. The rifle range was very clean and maintained. The range officers did their job very well. They made sure the rules were being followed without being rude. They also made sure ALL of the weapons were cleared before we were allowed down range to put new targets up. I think this will be my go to spot from now on!