50 reviews

AT&T Store

marker Mountain Iron, Minnesota


50 reviews
Tom Greifzu

Very friendly and helpful
John Schuster

Super helpful and efficient. Went back to AT&T from a different carrier smooth as silk.
Roy Sanders

I needed help in putting a screen protector on a new tablet. I cannot remember the name of the person, but did put the screen protector on the tablet and such a beautiful job. The person had to be the kindest, professional, helpful and I will have to honestly say the best store representative I have ever delt with in many, many years. At&T is fortunate to have her as such a great employee.
Sheri Zarn

Great store. Nice people. We worked with Lia & she did a great job. Highly recommend!
Todd Petersen

Expensive...limited merchandise and nothing but promises of what they can 'do to help' when a customer has issues. With the amount we are all charged, we should each have our own cell tower by now. I started ordering my phones directly from Samsung.