50 reviews

Anchor Tactical Supply

marker Springfield, Missouri


50 reviews
Mark Riggin

Awesome service. I had lots of questions that were expertly addressed. Highly recommended.
David Parrent

Situation normal with these guys. Always attentive and generally have at least one of what I am looking for.
Kirk Reisner

I wanted a gun I bought a gun...no big deal..... Now for the 5 star, Brian P. I had to ask his name, was talking to a older lady who was ready to buy and he talked to her and gave her info but suggested she try different guns at a shop with rentals to see what she really wanted. Above average but still not 5 star. Next she mentions her husband has passed and she has some guns and asked if they would trade. He advised they do but she needed to look on gun broker for basic values so she knows what she is dealing with. Ive seen so many widows get ripped off in this situation but Brian truelly did everything he could to protect her even when easy money was on the table. And that is how you get 5 stars from me.
Jason Geer

Great people and good prices!
Brittany Stephens

Great selection and great customer service