3 reviews


marker Emerson, Nebraska


3 reviews
William W. Smith

I sent them a very expensive over an under shotgun to reblue and no one could tell it frof factory. Excellent work .
Mark Burdt

I had a Kolar trap gun overhauled including blueing both barrels, recheckering the stock and forearm and finishing the wood with an oil finish. I received the product today and the workmanship exceeded my expectations. They did an incedible job at a very fair price. This is a top notch gunsmith shop.
Pat V

I had first year 20 gauge model 12 winchester redone here. Metal and wood. The previous owner had cut the barrel by an inch, so most collector value was gone. It handled and pointed so good, I decided to restore it back to 'user' condition. The gun was VERY rough, so I kept my expectations realistic. When I got the gun back, I could not believe my eyes. It looked like the day it came from the factory. The bluing looks period, and the finish of the wood is beautiful. The owners of the shop gave me an estimate and timetable that they adhered to exactly, and were very friendly and knowledgable. Thank you Boses! I am sending you a Ruger m77 tomorrow!