50 reviews

BigShots Indoor Range & Gun Store

marker Lincoln, Nebraska


50 reviews
ahmed al haider

Nice people working great
Jonathan Eller

The staff is a delight! The business is well managed and very helpful! Prices are very reasonable as well!!
Marcus Sealy

Took a CCW class here and it was great! We were provided lunch (pizza, salad, and beverages), which was unexpected but a very nice touch.The staff is extremely knowledgeable and involved in their community. The owners are also military veterans so I was happy to support them.Thanks for the great experience! I will definitely be back for some shooting!
Pew Pew

Did a great job checking me and my many guns in. Had a fun time shooting!
André Garceau

Great staff looking to help you learn! Also great rental prices on firearms($10) and suppressors($5). If you would like to shoot a full auto they had an MP5, p90, SCAR 16, UZI and more to rent.. I had an issue with one of my personal firearms while on the range and Jim helped resolve it right then and their. I expected to pay a few bucks for the service but they didnt even charge me. I would absolutely come back to purchase a firearm/suppressor, or to just shoot at the range.