8 reviews

Blackburn Manufacturing Co

marker Neligh, Nebraska


8 reviews
Michael Myers

Blackburn Manufacturing is the industry leader in flag manufacturing. check out their website which is really easy to navigate. Krista and Ryan will exceed your expectations in marketing and sales!
Proof Digital Team

Blackburn has continued to be an outstanding partner year after year. As a leader in the flag making industry, Blackburn continues to build on its success by consistently striving to be better. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!
Justin Lindsten

Andrew speaks the truth. Get it in writing. These folks can't be trusted.
Andrew L

After 13 years of using this company they almost doubled my price for the signs that I ordered. When I protested the girl on the phone assured me that they a)make up the excess charge on my next order and b) use the 'old machine' to create my order.I trusted them. Then on my next order, guess what??? Double charged again! Then that 'WTH??' phone call ended up as a 'too bad' conversation.Today I am told that it is MY FAULT for not looking at their catalog. reallly???Too many competiors to put up with this deceitful bait and switch. Got a quote for larger signs that cost less than what they offer anyway.Shop around....or at least get something firm in writing as their word is worthless.Thanks
edward kirstein

We have been a customer for years and could not be happier with the service and products!!!