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marker Albuquerque, New Mexico


50 reviews

Robin was an excellent instructor. I went into class with absolutely no experience holding or firing a firearm. She kept the class down to earth and hands on, was an excellent communicator, and made the class a lot of fun. I also felt bad because I was late to class and had to reschedule but she was very professional and helpful despite my mistake. During the class itself I started out with low confidence and ended having a lot of fun and also much greater confidence with the firearm. The training exceeded my expectations.
Bill Wright

Rude staff. Bad management.
Perfecto Garcia

Great experience!!My girlfriend took a class with Robbin and was excellent.The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable and truly caring .Happy happy happy
Jesse Becton

Called to book a reservation to shoot the guy I spoke to said we didnt need one. When I got there all the lanes were taken
John Thornton

As total novices, one age 12, we were well looked after on pistols and rifle. Price good and 100 cartridges. Took away some souvenir casings, targets and t shirts as well as great memories. Definitely recommend and will visit ranges again - once the nerves under control!