30 reviews

Adirondack Experience, the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake

marker Blue Mountain Lake, New York


30 reviews
Ralph Orr

Enjoyed the new exhibit and the art gallery. Very well done. I hope the museum can find a way to keep art of the Adirondacks as an important part of the Adirondack Experience.
Michael Schwartz

Deep in the smack center of the Adirondack park is an exceptionally nice museum; fascinating, educational, entertaining, and just a really nice experience for the entire family. Great way to spend several hours on a rainy Adirondack afternoon. Highly recommend; (even if it's not raining).
Archangel Productions LLC

This museum is an Adirondack institution. I've been visiting for over 30 years. I wish they did not change their name. The recent displays showing tourism from the 50s through the 80s are fun to look at however the newest display of taxidermy is a bit much to stomach. That's coming from a very non-PC person. Despite that, I would recommend anyone who visits the ADK Park to come here.

I visited this museum for the first time about 15 years ago when it was called the Blue Mountain Lake Museum. It is grown tremendously since that time and there are two new buildings that have lots of interactive activities for children between 2 and 11 years old but I believe it's a place that everyone will enjoy. They have sound activated exhibits that when you pass by you can hear the actual sounds of the different items that are being displayed trains old cars, carriages, and more. If you want to stay a good part of your day here I would recommend going to the original buildings first and then saving the interactive buildings for the younger kids as they will really enjoy those a lot. They have costumes for the younger children to dress up in and experience the museum in a unique way with different stations of activities. Sebastian is one of the employees who works in the mining center and he was so nice and energetic. You really need to come and visit this treasure of a place!! Lots of buildings to check out along with food and shopping!
Paige Billings

We had a great experience with our kids who are three and seven. It was a really good mix of history and Hands-On for the little kids. They absolutely loved it and are still talking about it.