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Briarcliff Bike Works

marker Briarcliff Manor, New York


50 reviews
Gene Katapski

This is a long review because I wanted to get it right as I traveled 2 hours from Pennsylvania to this shop. My first steps into BriarCliff Bike Works, I knew it was different from most bike shops and I wanted to wait a while before posting this review. First off, the place was packed with mid & high-end bikes, not the token single bling bike like most shops. After speaking with owner Lou came revelation number two. His philosophy is to really get to know his customers and provide the best value. He is upfront to tell you he doesn't cater to beginner bikes. Sure he would love to sell you a high-end bike but is quick to honestly tell you that the mid range bike right next to it will provide almost the same performance at a fraction of the price. He gives a solid deal that will make you happy. If you are unsure of how to take full advantage of a bikes suspension settings, you will know after after having Lou go into detail how each and every setting affects performance. I went to his shop interested in an IBIS Ripley, I bought the bike because of Lou and mechanic Anthony. As far as the Ripley...it ROCKS! Each time out on the bike, I learn to trust it more and more. I haven't raced in almost 15 years but this bike has me thinking. My usual 2-3 hour ride has become 4-5 hours and I still want more. Lou spent almost two hours with me setting up suspension, air pressure...everything. I was curious and did try other settings but always went back to Lou's settings. He know his stuff. If you are a true CYCLIST, BriarCliff Bike Works is the riders shop.
Joe Riposta

Outstanding personalized service and attention to detail. Lou took countless hours of his time to help me demo and find the right bike for me, and saved me from buying the wrong bike I thought I wanted. If you're looking for a high-end, serious mountain bike then this is the place to go.
steffi min

I highly recommend this bike shop! We were riding through Briarcliff from Brooklyn & got a flat about 10 miles from our campsite. Lu went out of his way to help fix it. I've been to most bike shops riding in NYC over 13 years, Lu was the most honest, sincere & kind person. Support Lu's bike shop!
Wilmer pulla

(Translated by Google) ExcellentExcellent(Original)ExcelenteExcelente
David Capasso

Wanted to give a big shout out to Lou and Anthony at Briarcliff Bike Works for getting me back on the trails on this new Ibis Ripley. They have continued to impress me with the personal attention they provide to me and my bikes. They also delivered this bike in record time. Pretty impressive during these times!!! Thank you again!! So happy to get her out in her element :)