50 reviews

American Tactical Systems

marker Green Island, New York


50 reviews
Brian Shields

This is a great place for the novice. Steve K.gave me a lesson in shotguns.At the end of the hour I was able to safely load and shoot hitting the target.If you are new to firearms, there is no better place to go. The staff is veryhelpful, welcoming and friendly and the facility is well-run and clean. Callthem today !!!

Now they let you bring in 556 rifles. 5 starts
Tom Jones

First time at a indoor range & Ill be back. ATS was clean (clutter free), professional (staff treated EVERYONE w/ respect), & efficient (VERY observant/ positive). Took about 5 minutes of paperwork & I was in. Lanes are clutter free & everythings fully operational. RSO offered to go get me a chair so I could shoot sitting & sight in my scope.I did notice there was a draft at the 25 yard mark that jiggled my target slightly but Id think that is because there were 5 others sharing the range. Per ammo policy; I shot ATS .22LR ($5 for 50), Fiocchi & if youre price conscious Id call first to see if itll work for you.In the end it was a GREAT time, its their range their (reasonable) rules, & I thought the staff was more than positively engaging while comprehensively answering ALL questions!
Eli Polttila

Had a great time and super friendly staff!
Jarred Malone

Took a private lesson here with Brian Smith very helpful. Lots of great information. I was surprised how quickly he was able to teach me. If anyone is looking to shoot better or brush up on skills I highly recommend this instructor and this range.