12 reviews

Aim Small Firearms Instruction

marker Mohegan Lake, New York


12 reviews
Chris Cass

Paul is without a doubt the most Proficient and Experienced Firearms Instructor in the Hudson Valley whether in the Classroom or on the Range.As a Retired Military and Police Veteran myself, I Highly recommend his Instruction.
Echo Yankee

Paul is an excellent instructor. His primary emphasis is always firearm safety. I've attended pistol and rifle classes, as well as New York State Use of Force seminars with him. I also regularly attend the Aim Small Tactical Pistol Club. Whether you're a new or 'more experienced' shooter, you'll benefit from high quality instruction. And you'll have a lot of fun doing it.
Lou D'Agostino

I know (RET) Sgt. Paul Conforti for several years having been introduced to him by a very highly respected member of Law Enforcement I have known for thirty years. I specialize in martial art and self defense training and when I met Paul I was primarily interested in pistol skill classes. Since then I have continually trained with Mr. Conforti monthly for several years and we have become good friends also. Aim small is a trusted member of the firearms community and Paul is a man of the highest integrity who offers very good instruction to students of all levels from the most basic introductory class to advanced classes in pistol, shotgun and rifle. Due to Paul's law enforcement career students will learn not only proper gun handling skills but the knowledge required to be responsible legally armed citizen. Knowing the law and what is and what is not acceptable is just as important as how to operate a firearm correctly and Paul will make sure you know what you need to know. We have a fine group of students that have been training together for years and aim small welcomes new members to our group all the time. You will learn in a safe environment and enjoy training with Aim Small. Hope to see you on the range. - LD
Christopher Cuellar

Eric Victorin

Paul and his staff are excellent Instructors and provide a fun learning environment