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marker Speculator, New York


50 reviews
Pastor Jeffrey Smith

COTW is a great place to relax and truly receive great fellowship with brothers and sisters in the Lord to get filled with Gods Word and peace with no Distractions of the world I love being up in the mountains seeking the presents and Glory of God
Marie Francois

Great place for relaxing and growing spiritually. Kids friendly, amazing staff and lots of activities. Great food
Greyson Sanborn

My family goes here every year for the past 8 years, and we have LOVED it. It is a very enjoyable, neat, and fun stay here. My only issue is that over the past few years, the owners have been making some changes as to how things are run. Prices are going up, and they did away with the talent show. They also changed how the dining hall is run. (It was much better before). The new layout of the trading post is also a HUGE negitive for me because they used to have so many neat toys and gadgets, and just little cool stuff you'd never think to buy in there. But they did away with all of it and now it's all just clothes. Despite omissions, however, this is still a very good stay and I'd recommend.
Richard Webb

So much to do! Multi-generational, many with great-grandkids. Some people go for a week every year for 40 years, many for 20 years. One family had 60 people another family 50.Fabulous orchestral concerts! Westside Story far exceeded the original voices and music. Nearly every game and sport is offered. Sign up for tournaments, triathalon, canoe & sailing races. Biggest intricate indoor climbing wall I've ever seen. Huge gym with many indoor courts.Fire pits at most cabins.Don't get the meal plan; most food is canned (see photo), and VERY mediocre. Saving feature is the salad bar. One hour window for all meals can feel regimented.
Jack Rumsey

Being on staff is a great experience after being a guest