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Appalachian Tactical Academy

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8 reviews
Ben Yanis

Appalachian Tactical offers an excellent curriculum of instruction. I would recommend then to anyone.

I had enrolled in ATA's Pistol I and II during the month of October, 2017. These make the second and third class under Josh's leadership. I had been accustomed to his impeccable teaching methodology, breadth and depth of knowledge, and genuine interest in his students' learning since my first class with him in 2016. The classes were intense, challenging, and demanding physically and mentally. Matt and Dillon made a fine addition to ATA's instructor cadre. They were so kind, patient, and helpful. I look forward to returning to ATA for a Rifle I refresher in Spring 2018!!
Shawn Madden

I have taken Rifle 1 and Pistol 1 and would highly recommend anyone, beginner or experienced, to take the classes provided by Appalachian Tactical Academy. You will walk away with plenty of drills and tactics to add to your personal practice routine.

For anyone looking to attend first class firearms training, in a SAFE friendly environment, you can't beat ATA! I've taken several classes at ATA, not one time has any student been treated with anything other than the upmost respect. With a vast range of experience among the students I noticed each and everyone of us took multiple new skills away from the classes. Although the classes cover a lot of material/drills in a short period of time never were students questions not addressed or treated as unimportant. Mr. Bales has always taken time to address each students questions, he explains and demos each drill, then he follows up with why the drills are relevant to self defense. I've taken both my Daughters and My Girlfriend to ATA for pistol training although reluctant at first all of them walked away much more confident and with skills they can use to defend themselves.
Spurgeon Gentry

Appalachian Tactical Academy is the best civilian training at a more than reasonable price. Regardless of your experience level I guarantee you will learn more than you ever thought possible. ATA has very knowledgeable and skilled instructors that promote a relaxed learning environment. Whether you carry everyday or keep it in the house you will come away with a new-found confidence in your ability to appropriately employ your chosen weapon system, if that time ever comes. ATA does not harp on gimmicks or flashy techniques, this training is all about real world scenarios and improving your ability to use your weapon in almost any situation. If you are a new shooter the Pistol 1 course is a must have, you will learn everything from a proper draw-stroke to weapons maintenance. I highly recommend ATA to anyone looking to further their abilities regardless of your goals!