7 reviews

Carolina Tactical Gear

marker Cherryville, North Carolina


7 reviews
Josh Mauney

omar ochoa

Stephen Brown

5 stars because people like Roberto Soares doesn't read a sign and gives a great local business 1 star. He moved dumbass.
Justin Blanton

Update: upon going back to the correct associate, he immediately remembered the situation, apologized, and made it right. It was still an inconvenience, but I appreciate that he recognized the issue and corrected it.I had several lower receivers sent to this store, and they were recorded in the log book with serial numbers, manufacturer, everything. After waiting for the sheriff to issue purchase permits, I go back to pick them up, and they can't find them. Their only suggestion was to come back another time when a different associate would be there. Absolutely unacceptable service. You have $500 of my property in the back, and just because you're disorganized or incompetent I have to just 'come back later'? Will not transfer from them again, would rather pay the extra money somewhere else.
Robert Porcel

I went there today, March 15 2017 and the place is not there anymore.