11 reviews

Bear Creek Gun Shop and Gunsmithing

marker Youngsville, North Carolina


11 reviews
brett gibby

Esco Brooks

Customer service is very terrible!!! The woman who answers the phone doesnt know how to talk to people!!!
Anthony Parham

Great insight and service for a first time buyer.
The Allmighty

I wish I could give 0 stars. I called this business to inquire about getting a rifle's iron sights and red dot sights zeroed in by a professional since that was the advice I received. I spoke to a woman and as I was explaining I was looking for a professional to do this, in a very sarcastic tone she responded by saying that I would have to bring the gun in because sighting a rifle couldn't be done over the phone. I quickly told her that is why I called but never mind and I hung up. Such unprofessional, ignorant, and outright immature behavior is never ok. Especially not if you want to do business in your community and have good standing. I will never give these people my business and will make sure to spread the word.
David Kenney

They charged me $70 to have sights put on. $35 to take the old ones off and $35 to put new ones back on. I have never paid more than $35 for sights to be installed on a gun. What a ripoff. I will never be back. On top of being ripped off she was talking poorly about another customer that brought in a gun for work. Unprofessional all around.