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Bullet Central

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5 reviews
Unhappy customer

6/26 ordered and paid via usps MO7/1 Karen H states it will ship 7/2 In state payment shouldn't have taken 3 days to get there. No tracking#, I had requested one.7/5 no package. Called and talked to Luke A. 'will send email in 5 min' after an hour, called back and got Luke A again. He passed the problem off! Talked to Don W, who was going to get to the bottom of it. Nearly 2 hours later, finds problem. It was never shipped! Sends email, states it is in mail, will arrive Monday. Apologized and owns responsibility for the mixup that wasn't his problem. Monday- received the scope at long last..... Wrong scope! Was sent a pistol version, clearly marked on the box-instead of the rifle scope I had ordered! Problem was handed up the chain to the CFO, so now I am on associate #4 for a simple bore scope. Krista (manager) is a godsend for this company- answered email very professionally and answered all questions very appropriately. She was able to turn a bad customer experience into a good one. Scope arrived fine and functions perfectly at long last. It took a great deal longer than it needed to, but thanks to Krista they receive a 3 instead of a 1.
Anthony Luisi

Bullet Central has outstanding customer service and a vast supply of products . I had searched for a bartlein varmint barrel in 6mm on the internet and could not find one until I found bullet central . Customer service was fast and friendly and the shipping app they use is the most comprehensive app I have ever used . You can track in real time and know exactly where your item is , what city and time of arrival and departure . Its very interactive .. Good job !!!
Kevin Stack

Top selection of reload supplies
Jason Miller

Great prices on reloading supplies along with some great people working there.
Bison 78

Love this place,the staff and the service.