50 reviews

Black Wing Shooting Center

marker Delaware, Ohio


50 reviews
Katie Lotsberg

Great place and selection. Staff very friendly & helpful. Will be back!
Tim Kerns

Great place! Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.
Owen Playle

Horrible customer service. The front desk told us to start on house 8 after the next group was finished. We waited our turn and then started shooting. Halfway through our round they stopped us and said that we were not aloud to start and that we were supposed to wait for them to tell us to go.
William Watts

Recently completed a CCW training with blackwing. Ben Owen was the instructor. It was a great class. Very informative and personalized. Ben was very knowledgeable and funny. He took the instruction very seriously, but injected humor and stories to keep our interests. Learned a lot, we were well prepared. I love working with Blackwing, and will seek more training from them.
Bruce Taylor

great place. great service. nice people.