11 reviews

Brock Arms Direct, LLC

marker Fremont, Ohio


11 reviews
Rick P.

I've known Brock for well over 20yrs., He's a Stand up man, When I found he'd opened up his gunstore and offered CCW courses, I along with 2 friends took our course and between me and my Girlfriend have since added a few more handguns to our purchased list., Highly recommend.
gilbert brionez

Everyone was awesome and super knowledgeable about everything you would need to know. We were able to find something my wife and I were both happy with! Plus its great to support a local family owned small business. We will definitely be back soon!
Emily Beyer

Hands down best customer service! Such a genuine family owned business. I walked in not knowing a thing about guns. An hour later, I felt like a gun expert. I was nervous was hell going in, but Brock, Miranda, Tyler, and Brandon all helped ease that. We laughed and joked the whole time. Such an amazing, genuine, and informative group here. Also Brock, thank you for your service. Greatly appreciated.
Nathan Baker

Best selections of used and new firearms. Large selection of ammo. Best yet, family owned and operated. So you get that good ole American customer service and customer satisfaction. Brock can meet all your firearm needs. Holsters and other firearm Accessories available. My personal favorite aspect of Brock's firearms is they run evening hours. So it's super convenient to pop in after you get off work. Check them out, you'll be glad you did.
Matt Weiker

Brock is knowledgeable and works with you to find the right gun for you, not just talking you into whatever costs the most. Nice selection for a small shop too. I would definitely recommend Brock Arms Direct!