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50 reviews
Derek Ream

Fantastic price ($75), you learn a lot, and the instructors are fantastic. You have the option to complete the classroom portion in person or online; I went the online route. You can go at your own pace when reviewing the videos, then you go to the range for two hours on the date you pre-selected. Once at the range, you sign in, you can buy two baggies of bullets (50 per bag for a total of 100 bullets). They have coffee, breakfast, water there for free. You will spend two hours outside under some canopies. Instruction is great and provided by ex-marines and Navy special ops. You also have coaches 'on the line' who monitor for safety and for basic marksmanship. I found the coaches to be awesome and insightful, especially since I really had no previous experience with handguns. As long as you are hitting the target 5 times (groupings), you will be 'qualified' and will receive your certificate that day. I am having my husband take this course and will accompany him when he goes to the range so I can stop by and maybe get some range time in too. Practice makes permanent! I am totally going back for more advanced courses they have too. I also bought a t-shirt there. Loved my experience! Special thanks to Ed for giving me a discount for being a VA employee too.
Larissa Kincaid

I learned a lot in this class and Im so glad I came! I was really impressed with the instructors and the class. Great job guys!!!
Allen Roberts

The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and patient. Highly recommend, especially for fist timers!
Logan Blankenship

These guys are great man. They really work with you regardless of experience or background. Super down to earth people. Five stars.
Erwin Perez

I learned a lot on my CCW training class, The instructor and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and accomodating, at first Im so hesitant to ask questions but just after a couple monutes of the class I feel more comportable and get excited and become more interested. I will take a advance course in few monts.