20 reviews

B&D Shooting Supplies

marker Lorain, Ohio


20 reviews
Daniel Ortiz

I went in the store to buy some 9mm ammunition, and was told that they will not sell me any ammo unless I purchased a gun from them. I will no longer conduct any business with them. I USED to use their range, but that is all in the past. I will go anywhere else, even if its more expensive.
Aaron Brooks

I'm still awaiting my check results but it was a good experience regardless of my results the staff was friendly and helpful I was kinda surprised to tell the truth on the friendlyness of the staff the merchandise was good as well
Hunter Christian

very expensive not friendly to new customers would highly recommend rural King or even Cabela's over these people

Went to buy a shotgun with my daughter. She ended up learning how to shoot. The owner let us rent a pistol and gave us a target and lane in the range for free. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! THEY ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT PEOPLE!!!
Mikey Ramirez

Called once to ask what exactly they sell in their store, the call quality was bad so I called back and the guy on the line told me to hold and then set the phone down to take another call. Lost my business