50 reviews

Gun Hub USA

marker Sheffield, Ohio


50 reviews
Kayla Fike

We had so much fun here. The guys running the place are great!
Matt S

Worst experience I've ever had calling someone on the phone told the guy I was new to this didn't really know what I needed but I knew that I needed something for my wife for home safety and he just shut me up said we don't have anything for that and hung up on me. Not to mention all of the stuff that's going on right now there's going to be a lot of new customers that don't know anything about firearms customer service Representatives need to know how to deal with them I don't think that was the right way anyways have a good day hope you enjoyed my review.
Ben Walls

My new favorite hangout. Became a member after 1 visit. Most relaxing place to shoot and shop
Tracy Howell

Great Staff, very helpful.
Shibley Photography

This place is pretty darn swell if you are into firearms.