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Gun & Boot & Gear

marker Astoria, Oregon


50 reviews

This is a great Gun Store and I personally have never been treated with anything but respect, friendliness and exceptional customer service by Andrew and the rest of the employees at G&B&G. I have made numerous purchases as well as had work done. I would highly recommend them to anyone, from a first time gun buyer to a seasoned vet.
Patrick White

Andrew, the gun-store owner, is a terrible person to deal with. He doesn't care about your custom orders. He is terrible with people. He has no empathy or desire complete your gear. The other guy... awesome, friendly & helpful! The other guy is personally saving the wrecked environment that IS Andrew's behavior.
John Souza

Great source for work clothes, boots and hunting gear.

I came into have some gunsmith work done, I had stripped out a screw on my Trijicon RMR that holds it to the mount. I spoke with Andrew and he quickly checked out the gun asked if I had a minute and began working on it in his back room shop. About 5 minutes goes by and he gets the job done. He comes out hands me the gun and I proceed to ask him what I owe him. He tells me give me a Google review and will call it square. I gave him the review and a 12 pack of beer as well as my gratitude. These are solid people here and that kind of service is what creates life long customers. I will definitely be coming back, and thank you very much Andrew.
Jeff Levasseur

Very helpful and friendly