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marker Sweet Home, Oregon


50 reviews
Don O

Good old small folks..I was ask a few times by different employees if I needed help..
Stephanie Lewis

I would like to recognize a great employee at our Sweet Home Bi-Mart. We walked into our store one day and my husband asked me what all we needed to get. I replied that we needed vinegar. Not 5 minutes later Nancy walks up to our cart with a jug of vinegar. She was on the next aisle stocking a shelve. She went out of her way for us and she didn't have to. She is the type of that makes us look forward to shopping at Bi-Mart.
Anna Perry

The staff is well trained and can tell you where items are located..
Kylar Milligan

I called the store to ask about a specific product and was told they had several different types of it and was givin a price. I went to the store which was basically empty, after 15 minutes of looking for the product because no one would come to the electronics section I asked for some one again n to come help still nothing so after I found it I eventually left cause it was locked up. Zero service and apparently theyre incompetent too I know customer service and yall arent doing it right!
Bob Ramsey

Friendly , great store as always