18 reviews

Officerstore / Witmer Associates

marker Chalkhill, Pennsylvania


18 reviews
Rob V

Awesome sales and service, even NFA. Worth the trip for any sheepdog. Devin and Heather will get you in the NFA seat with ease. Jerry is a guns & ammo author, minus the typewriter and bs. Overall, they work this corporate landing zone for the masses. You dont have to be a blue to get a great defense weapon at a very reasonable price. If you are remotely thinking about protecting yourself in public, do yourself a life protecting favor and pay them a visit. Youll be well-armed and have cash left over for the relaxing 5 star burger joint just down the road. 5stars+++
ted bolish

Well today make the second time I went in there to buy a gun and stood around for 15 minutes and was ignored by all employees, I guess Ill buy my guns elsewhere .

BUY - SELL - TRADE !!!! They do everything! My experience was great, the fellas will go out of there way to make purchasing a pleasurable experience, if you need a defense piece this is the place to stop, you can even get a holster. Ammo is plenty for standard cartridges great prices too. Older guy is a wealth of knowledge on older equipment. Overall A+
William Barry

I love this place.. best deals around
Jason Bowser

Friendly staff and a nice selection of guns