41 reviews

Nick's Bullseye Firearms

marker Homer City, Pennsylvania


41 reviews
Rick Dzi

I have to admit it has been a few years going here. I know then the prices were a little high but there was a nice selection with many old supplies and long lost usable ammo. I will update when I go down here soon but the staff was very nice.

Nick is a very nice guy good prices good selection staff is very short and to the point
Bones Hamilton

My Wife bought me a handgun as a surprise. The fact that its used is fine with me, BUT the fact that this weapon wasn't cleaned by them before they decided this was a good enough weapon to sell. It looks as though they wiped the outside down but the inside looks as though it hasn't been cleaned in years....not happy with this
Brian Knight

Tyson Huffy

Really nice guys I've been down there twice now and ended up buy a gun each time just seems to be a lot of good deals