50 reviews

C & C Indoor Range

marker Boiling Springs, South Carolina


50 reviews
Joey Loftis

This is the place to be if you are interested in firearms or training. The owner is a class act, and he's supported by family. Safe, professional, and family friendly indoor range...... oh, and machine guns!

Came here 2 weeks ago to check out the range and left with a gun and a gold membership. Signed up for the ccp course taught by Craig Smith and just took the class. I would highly recommend this place for all your shooting and training needs. Staff are very friendly and some of the nicest in the gun community that i have met!
Donavia Etheridge

I like to visit there when I come from Columbia to buy ammo. But don't understand why do I have to show my ID to buy ammo. That part I do not like about them.
Richie Sprouse

My first time ever at an indoor range, it was easy to sign up and start shooting. I can't wait to to take a friend with me.
Andrew Edwards

Man what can I say; C & C will always be my go to gun store! Their incredible inventory and incredible service is unbeatable! Eric and Leslie have really built the place in to a wonderful family oriented establishment! If you arent going to C & C then you arent getting the best of the best! I spend every other day up there buying inventory and building supplies because you cant beat what they offer! Thank you for your awesome customer service!