50 reviews

Carolina Custom Firearms

marker Pawleys Island, South Carolina


50 reviews
Jester Mynah

Very happy with the help these guys have provided.
Jon Lowe

Great staff, polite, personal, very knowledgeable about firearms. Awesome electronic range w/ Easy to use touch screens. High quality array of guns, even have their own name brand firearms (CCF). Hands down, best indoor range Ive been to.
Kendal Cross

Recently purchased my first firearm from this local business and they made the experience very welcoming. Their range is great and the range officers do not antagonize you without reasoning. Needed to purchase ammo but was rudely hung up on by an employee that whenever I encounter is always unnecessarily confrontational, mean spirited and just plain rude. You dont seem to have to do much to get on this guys bad side, which can easily ruin a sale or an experience for the paying customer, especially a new gun owner. Wonderful Local business that should be supported, but is made uncomfortable and unpleasant by one employee. Will not be returning.
Andrew Fisher

Great shop very knowledgeable staff. Indoor range is a real asset to the area. On vacation and just stopped in, found the gentleman behind the counter to be friendly and knowledgeable.
Dan Parr

Professional courteous staff, always a good experiance