5 reviews

Aberdeen Gun Club

marker Aberdeen, South Dakota


5 reviews
Alan Stellingwerf

Christopher Wynn

This place is awesome and extremely reasonably priced. Just be aware that they only take cash. Jerry is a great guy. I've never been to a professional skeet and trap range before. Jerry was very willing to show me the ropes. When I was there a couple of the League shooters were there. Every single one of them was welcoming and nice. They allowed me to jump right in and shoot along side them. It was a wonderful experience. Whether you shoot skeet and trap already or you want to learn this is the place to be. If I lived closer to the area I would probably go every week. Side note: the way I found out that they take cash only is because I only had a credit card. One of the gentleman there spotted me $20! Luckily I was able to pay him back with shotgun shells. Chivalry is not dead! God bless American.
lesa krajewski

Kellie Ecker

James Haugen

Great place to learn out to shoot and have fun