19 reviews

American Defense Company

marker Cleveland, Tennessee


19 reviews
Teresa Pierce

They answered all of my questions and didnt make me feel bad about them. Awesome customer service and amazing knowledge of the guns and service. Would definitely recommend them to everyone!
Carmella B

Informative and friendly staff. Super selection of arms
GodBless America

Very helpful in helping me select the proper defense for home protection.I am wheelchair bound and they accomodated my needs. Can't say enough good things about these great people! Highly reccomended store!!
Jacob Leamon

Owner is friendly and knowledgeable.

Amazing customer service. I went in just kind of browsing, and was immediately greeted with 3 great employees who were very kind, and helped me find the right gun for me, as the Anderson AR-15 is my first AR, and im very satisfied with the quality of the build. Their prices are EXCELLENT compared to other Gun Stores in the area, and.they have lots of great weapons to choose from. Overall i would recommend American Defense to EVERYONE.