23 reviews

Badass Gun Shop (J.Leslie Inc.)

marker Farmersville, Texas


23 reviews
Spike Eskins

I purchased an AR 556 pistol upper there. Very nice people. Unfortunately they are not good at building uppers. At the range the new upper fired 21 rounds before completley failing to cycle at all. My local gunsmith found that all of the upper parts were loose. Nothing had been tightened. That included the barrel nut, gas block, and muzzle break. In other words, it was coming apart. Their workmanship is poor.UPDATE:Received a call for Steve. Like I stated in the original post, they are very nice people. Steve offered a refund for the upper. I choose to keep it since everything has been properly tightened and working. He then offered a couple boxes of round on my next visit.I'm pleased with their quick response. I will return. But, I'll be sure to re-check items. They made the best of the situation as far as I'm concerned.
jacob miles

Great place to purchase a gun or any accessories! Alot of knowledge and very helpful. Also the best prices around. Cant beat them!
Ryan Cummins

Poor customer service!!
SL Gulley

I guess the shop is OK and people are friendly. On my 1st purchase of a Taurus revolver I got it home and the trigger instantly froze up. I called and told them I was coming back in and they said they would be open in 2 days. I brought it back today and they said they could return it to Taurus but it would be easier for me to. I had already made the long drive over to realize I was going to Fed EX it to Taurus myself. What a waste of MY time.I'm not faulting the shop because it was a bad Taurus defect from the factory. BUT, they could have told me this over the phone. Not happy.BTW: You did see the gun as I already said.It went back to Taurus and the cylinder fell out after 5 rounds. I had to pay $30 to ship back and they have had the pistol ever since. Look at this post: 8 months ago. I've only fired 5 shots with 2 trips back and I bought this 8 months ago w/o even getting to use it... End of Story.
Akram Yeltayev

Badass shop, service, people. Been buying here for awhile. I recommend to everyone.