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4Ward Defense Firearms + Training

marker Houston, Texas


50 reviews
jane yim

As a novice to firearms, I would highly recommend taking your license to carry class with Eric because he emphasizes the important things to differentiate during the law portion and made sure each person understood it. Tyler was an excellent instructor during the shooting portion because you will not only learn proper ergonomics, he was able to see what each person was doing incorrectly and instructed how to correct the mistake(s).
tammie freeman

Amazing class and instructors!!!! For starters, the class was very diverse, which was amazing in itself!Eric presented the course content in a manner that was not only helpful and informative, but in a manner that allowed for easy consumption of the material presented. The scenario analogies and other examples and little details Eric shared were GREAT! To be honest, this course and experience is certainty not what I expected, it was quite the opposite....on a VERY positive note!!!!As for the shooting range, I was extremely nervous!...primarily because it had been 20+ yrs since I shot a firearm. Lets just say Tyler made this a great experience for me. He was engaged and very helpful to each student. He took the time to give each of us constructive criticism that MOST likely helped us get even better scores.Overall, these two gentlemen were amazing!!! They were super pleasant, easy to talk to, and gave that 110% effort and customer service that you simply dont see much of nowadays. If youre looking to get your LTC and youre in the Cypress, TX area you should definitely reserve your spot with 4ward defense and firearms. You will not regret the experience and the instructors are so amazing you cant help but walk away satisfied!Highly recommended!!!!
Jawaad Amin

Tyler is an incredible instructor who is exceptionally good at getting you to understand the fundamentals quickly without making you feel rushed. Despite the restrictions COVID-19 has put upon instructional institutions (among other businesses) at the time of writing, 4WARD Defense worked diligently to set up their curriculum and teaching methodology in a way that successfully allowed me and other students to learn proper safety and understanding of the law to prepare us as responsible carry license holders.
Sunny Disposition

We are going through some crazy times right now so I truly appreciated Eric's respect by wearing a mask and gloves at all times. His PATIENCE and professionalism is awesome too. I feel like I can truly protect myself now.God Bless
David Joe

I had a great experience. Even if you dont have too much knowledge but are trying to learn, they make you feel right at home. Tyler and Eric were of great help and I highly recommend