32 reviews

A Texas Girl's Guns

marker Liberty Hill, Texas


32 reviews

Rude lady, low selection
James Kinney

Price check before you buy anything here. Guns and accessories are marked way up! Selling a used pistol for $50 over new price at Academy. Shameful.
Brenda Boyd

So I bought my first gun from here today. Everyone was kind, patient, and willing to explain everything to me - I really appreciated that. It was also not uptight like other gun stores I have been to. I will say the pricing was a little higher than what I was expecting to pay compared to other gun stores and online, but the People who work here is what drew me in; in spite of the higher prices.
James Johnson

Love this place. Not sure what's up with some of these other reviews. I think any reasonable customer would enjoy the selection and customer service. Nice honest family run business.
Jeremiah Harrington

Great selection, knowledgable and friendly staff. Definitely will be returning. Totally different experience than some of these reviews claim. Dealt with everyone in there and they were all polite and helpful.This shop didnt deserve some of these bad reviews.