50 reviews

Ally Outdoors

marker Midland, Texas


50 reviews
Brian Nettles

Nice place, Nice people. With the terrible service everywhere else in town, it's nice to walk into a place and get a nice greeting & be taken car of.
Mark Troschinetz

Everything here is top notch! The set up, variety, people and price! I would definitely recommend them 100%!
Dave Richards

Walked in today, 6/8/2020 ready to make a purchase. Problem is, no one available to assist. I'm a new gun own owner prospect, ready to purchase training, hand gun, ammunition and services, yet everyone looked at me as if I were an alien. Do the math, over a $1,000 in sales lost? Fool me once, wont happen again. Ally is for the experienced gun owner only.
Joloren Nobello

Great store! Bad service. The men in there have sad life energy Spewing from there bodies. Smile!!! You have the right to bare arms!!!
francisco soliz

Update. I had to go to the local post office they showed me prove of delivery with the signature from someone at Ally,I took it to the manager he actually LOOKED for the item and found it appears to have been a ' misunderstanding' he did waved the transfer fee. I am actually going to give them another try same part see what happens next. Well so far bad news I'm actually in the store I had an FFL item shipped here my dealer send me a tracking number and a delivery confirmation email yesterday so I came to the store to pick it up and the lady at front said ' we don't know where it is ' I called my dealer and they said it shows it's been delivered to this address!!! If they can find my package by the end of the day I for sure will change my one start review.