14 reviews

Bronco Pawn & Gun

marker Queen City, Texas


14 reviews
korey nash

Have done alot of business with these great folks over the years and highly recommend them to anyone! Great selection and prices along with very friendly and helpful people! Please pay these great people a visit, they'll help you any way they can!
Stuart Holloway

Extremely knowledgeable and courteous.
Katy Jason

We drove a distance just to come to Bronco gun and pawn after hearing how great it was, my husband and I were disappointed with the way staff treated us, very unfriendly and snooty! Dont recommend this place.
Billy Alford

Samuel Pierce

Haven't had any experience with the pawn side, but the firearms section is great. Staff seems knowledgeable, and if there is anything they are unsure about they will find out. As was in my case, with which the owner personally gathered the information for me. Some of the best prices I've seen for guns besides one or two online retailers where it's click and hope you get a good product. Would highly recommend, it's always a good idea to check something like a gun out before you buy so you don't get a lemon. The staff was very patient and accommodating, and ensured me that if i needed anything and they didn't have it in house that they could get it. One of their distributers also carries a lifetime firearm guarantee. Something that you won't find anywhere else. Cheree was very sweet and and definitely a great help. Would highly recommend.