10 reviews

Alamo Airguns of San Antonio

marker San Antonio, Texas


10 reviews
Lisa Palomino

Bought my FX CROWN .30 cal and DIANA SKYHAWK .25 CAL big selection of airguns and ammo and accessories for central TEXAS at customer satisfaction!
Benjamin Morse

I bought a Zobria Kozak FC rifle a couple weeks ago. Rudy went through tons of options with me and explained in detail maintenance, proper use, safety and the various varieties of power from PSI to bar pressure to properly using the pump and letting the valve bleed out before taking the fitting out of the gun. Great service, great prices and he thoroughly knows his business. I will definitely return in the future for additional purchases.
Jacob Vasquez

Mr. Castillo is a top notch individual. He is knowledgeable and friendly. His store is awesome. If you are a powder burner give airguns a try. You may just get hooked.
Lee Garcia

Well what can say about Mr. Rudy the owner is an outstanding guy and very knowledgeable and helpful. I live in Houston,tx about 3 hrs away from San Antonio. I called Rudy on Saturday about purchasing a Fx impact x mk2 and which he had in stock! And other airgun stores have been sold out. So since I was working sat and couldnt make a trip out there on Saturday I asked if he could open up for me on Sunday (Cause I couldnt wait till the following week. LOL) To my surprise he said he would open and meet me there at noon! Well I arrived on Sunday, walked in and like a kid in a candy store was just in all at all the beautiful high powered Airguns. Well I bought the FX and a new scope and 3 tins of pellets and then Rudy gave me 2 real bowling pins to shoot at and take home with me! If you live in Texas you should pay a visit or order your Airguns from Rudy at Alamo airguns Hands down great customer service! Again Thank You Rudy,
Alfred Ochs

Super helpful owner with great selection of high grade Airguns and supplies