33 reviews

Blackland Gun Works

marker Taylor, Texas


33 reviews
james stewart

I was looking for the new SIG 365 SAS a few months ago so I called Blackland and they put me on the list (first on the list) and when it came in they called right away and when I picked it up they had not even opened the box. Smooth buying experience with these great guys, my new go to gun shop.Referred them to a friend and they had the same great experience.
David Gomez

I have been doing business with Blackland Guns for years. They are great people to deal with.
Ronny Nall

These guys are great. Purchased a couple things from them, thet are a pleasure to deal with.
Samuel Frazer

Great guys at a legit Texas gun store...just made my first purchase and these folks went above and beyond in every way and great prices! Check them out you won't regret it
Jeff Kuempel

I wanted to make sure that the Austin area is aware of the best gun shop in Texas is right here in there back yard ,,, I have bought 4 hand guns from Eric and his staff and never once have had any problems or issues with them ,,, The last hand gun I bought from Eric was a 9 mm Glock gen 4. Two weeks after buying the gun was jamming after the 10th round ,I called Eric and explained to him what was happening , come to find out the Gen 4 has a defect and Eric was the first one to inform us of this and the new part was ordered on the spot . Two days later the part came in and with Eric explaining how and what to do the gun.And now the gun is as good as good. With the way the world is today and the big chain stores with KIDS working behind the gun bars and they have no clue what there talking about or doing or even selling .So if your looking for a good deal on firearms I am telling you that BLACK LAND GUNS is the place to go,,, I may shop other store stores but I only buy from Eric at Black Land Guns