3 reviews

Bug Scuffle Ranch

marker Vanderpool, Texas


3 reviews
Caiman Hunter

From the time I arrived on Friday evening, until the time I left on Sunday, at about 1330 hours, I felt like I was treated like a VIP. Even though there were five other hunters there from the group that I belonged to, during the entire weekend they made me feel as if I was the only person that they were taking care of. It wasnt always by the same person, but everyone who took care of me was polite, friendly, and knowledgeable. Anytime I wanted to get out and try again there was someone willing to take me to a stand somewhere on their more than 2200 acres of hunting grounds. There were hills, valleys, ponds, rocky outcrops, dense tree cover, and an amazing assortment of native and exotic prey animals, and a few predators, as well..Even after spending a minimum of about 5 hours at a time, three or four different times throughout the weekend, in one blind or another, I didnt harvest my animal until Sunday morning. But the guides made sure that I was on something before leaving. Additionally, the meals were huge and delicious. So much so, that once you finished a meal you could almost forget why you were there!I highly recommend Bug Scuffle Ranch for a really great weekend getaway and hunt.
Carolyn Johnson

This is a 5 star place. Kevin was a wonderful guide. He took care of everything. Great animals. Great food & lodging. We never had a dull moment that is for sure! We will be going back. Thank you for the amazing hunt!
Jerad Hernandez

This is a beautiful ranch. Well maintained.