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Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn Inc.

marker Balsam Lake, Wisconsin


9 reviews
jeremy roy

Eliza Orf

We were eager to have them do some landscaping work starting from scratch, as we have a family event coming up this fall. After reviews we felt as if they would be a good choice. Owner did an estimate 2 months ago and has never returned a phone call. We have attempted multiple times. We have not heard from him sense. Disappointed in the way he chose to do business, as we could have found someone else 2 months previous if he was upfront about either not having enough time for the job or wasnt interested in the amount of work.
Mike Wulf

Simply the best in the area by far. My father recently passed away and you could tell which flowers had been arranged by Balsam Lake Pro-lawn! It was not even close, thank you so much!
Andrew Dickson

Great work and huge help with county! Jon and his team do a great job, I had them help me with a large lakeside landscaping project and they did a great job from planning to execution. There were certain requirements needed by Polk County and the Pro-Lawn team had great advise and plans to help work together with the county and make my place look great! The prices were competitive and they did exactly what was on the plan.
Sean Horgan

The best place around for any landscaping needs. Their prices are competitive and customer service always exceeds expectations!