50 reviews

Bill's Gun Shop and Range Hudson

marker Hudson, Wisconsin


50 reviews
Camden Andrews

Every time I come in, Megan is super friendly and beyond helpful. Whenever I need anything firearm related, I will come and buy it from her.
James Anibas

I am not one who does reviews but I feel I have to this time. Long story short I was looking for a particular handgun and found it VERY hard to find looked online for one all over the country. Decided to contact bills gun shop in hudson via email. I got a very rapid response from the manager Clifton at the hudson store he checked all of his suppliers and nobody had one so then he checked all bills stores and to my surprise he said the Fargo store had 1 left contacted micheal the manager in Fargo he confirmed he had 1 left I immediately bought it and just want to give kudos to bills gun shop! Thank you Clifton! Thank you Micheal! And thank you to the OWNER of all bills locations! You guys went out on a limb for me and I appreciate it! This is what customer service SHOULD be! Also thanks to the employee cliff at hudson for your maticulus help going through the process hope your back is better today!

The end of May I purchased my first pistol, I was told that it would take 48hrs to a week for my background check to be approved and they would call me. No big deal, right? Well two weeks later, still no call from Bills so I decided to call them, the employee told me If we didnt call you, thats means it hasnt been approved yet. So I waited over a MONTH, still no call from them! Finally yesterday June 30,2020, I called them back because I seriously thought I just got ripped off. The employee told me, Oh you were approved on June 1st, yours mustve just slip through the cracks. All my stuff and info was just laying around and no one had a clue nor did they even bother to call me, COME ON! Not cool at all.
Jerry Yang

I just wasted my time driving to the Hudson location. Obviously someone didnt update their hours. What a giant waste of my time.
Sage Krause

I went in trying to get ideas about conceal carry handguns. First visit was a great experience came in a second time to possibly buy one basically the guy with a really long beard was rude and implied to go away because of my lack of experience with hand guns. Even though I am ex military so dont think hand guns will be a problem but whatever. So while I am writing this still standing here in the store for another 30 minutes trying to get help nobody to be found. Never have written reviews but I was just blown away felt like I need too.