6 reviews

Big Horn Armory

marker Cody, Wyoming


6 reviews
'Mike Hutton

Maker's of .500 S&W lever guns and .500 AutoMax AR15s.
Stanley Beck

I bought a .500 AutoMax.... took 3 weeks to get it... Took it to the range, and it malfunctioned over and over again. Tried to call the 'manufacturer ', and all you get is a voicemail. You leave a message, and no response. Finally, my FFA has to send the whole unit back, and it's returned without the sling.I hope their guns are good,(cause you can only shoot Buffalo Brand ' ammunition through it.... but they will not respond to their customers....
Ronald Fallgren

Dennis Peery

These guys are outstanding. Had a chance to visit them last year, was very impressed with both their operation and the high quality of their products. Ordered a Model 90 right there on the spot.
Michael Monroe

I have had a great experience overall with Big Horn Armory: they have been responsive in my communications and helping me work out local issues. The staff and the products they make are exceptional. I am particularly impressed with the level of innovation and exciting new products coming out of what seems to be such a small company. I highly recommend their big-bore guns!