11 reviews

Active Shooter Defense School

marker Dulzura, California


11 reviews
Song Tran

Wow what a professional and personable experience it was taking the Combat 1.5 course with Jamie. Positive, knowledgeable, and rewarding, learning many skills and adopting techniques that work for you and your set up. They make you really want to succeed, challenge yourself, and become more comfortable with your firearm(s), to grow proficient in what you're doing until it becomes natural/automatic. Will be signing up with them again!
Brian Harrow

By far the best Firearms school in San Diego! Matt and his crew are excellent instructors and provide very simple but helpful courses. I highly recommend to anyone from beginners to advanced shooters!
Mohannad Ali

Matt is an amazing guy. Also hes a very good instructor Ive been a military contractor for years never been in a training like the training I went throw with Matt I highly recommend this training for everyone to attend.
berniedmj m

Well, being that this is the first time for me to ever take an Active Shooter class, it was simply an amazing experience!!! Granted that the instructors are still active or inactive Navy Seals or Army Rangers, it was a bit intimidating. Also, some of the students are military personnel & retired military. If you read some of the comments from other active shooter schools, some instructors yell at the students. In this school, they made it into a friendly environment. Matt, the owner of this school did say, if any of us yell at you, thats because you did something absolutely unsafe. Nobody was dead, hurt, or was yelled at. It was a great fun day. Our instructor was Mark. I didnt know this was his very first time training us as an instructor but, IMO, I felt like he has been doing this for a very long time. He made it safe with a friendly atmosphere. If we feel any pressure at all, it was because we put the pressure upon ourselves trying to hit a tight grouping & trying to be very fast to draw which makes you suck as a shooter. He said, going slow is smooth, smooth is faster. So at the end of the day, we all definitely shot better, quicker at the draw, & accuracy was way better. I mean, the majority of the class hit the steel plate at 50 yards! I forgot to mention, we also had a lady in our class. 1 lady & the rest were dudes. She wasnt intimidated at all considering she was an eye candy mom. This was her time taking this class as well. She also hit the steel plate at 50 yards! That says a lot about Mark as an instructor & this ASDS. I will be coming back with my wife!! Thank you Matt & Mark!!!
katie Fig

My husband and I just took the pistol course this last weekend. Matt our instructor was amazing! We both learned soo much and I personally now feel more confident in my pistol handling abilities. We went over multiple drills, and different possible situations that we may need to react in. I highly reccomened taking Matt's class if you are looking to gain some confidence around pistols, all the way to honing your skills. We will deffinetly be taking more classes in the future! Thank you Matt