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marker Grass Valley, California


4 reviews
Sarah Hatten

Karen's instruction is so well thought out and extremely thorough, covering all the necessary requirements for CA CCW as well as additional instruction that you just don't get from other firearm instructors. I highly recommend her!
Nathan Johnson

Karen is a great instructor, my wife, brother-in-law, and myself all took the 8 hour course from her. The only bad review of her and her business is from a neighbor who moved here in 2012 and doesn't understand the county laws and is upset because someone is shooting in their area. Her business and range are legal and great for shooting. I would suggest Karen for any level of shooter, she's very patient and helpful. We'll be doing our renewal class with her too (if we can get in, she usually has a waiting list).
Tamara Eaton Bennett

Karen Cose is a wonderful instructor to choose whether you are an absolute beginner with firearms, or you need individual instruction to build your shooting skills. Want to take a Concealed Carry class, Hunter Safety class, or obtain instruction to become a security guard? Her classes are safe, educational and entertaining. She is involved in 4-H Shooting Sports, the Nevada County Friends of the NRA, and she is The Well Armed Woman Grass Valley Chapter leader. He classes are taught in the new and very comfortable classroom at Mustang Firearms. Thank you to Mustang Firearms for providing a nice environment for learning.
Tamara Dumont

Love this instructor! Great attention to detail!