17 reviews

Bob's Gun Shop

marker Hanford, California


17 reviews
Miguel Sandoval

I called to ask a question and they are really rude cant believe they have ppl working with bad attitudes would never recommend to anyone unless you like to deal with rude ppl.
S ott Mercer

I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy, this guy has to be the rudest person you will ever run across, how he's still in business is beyond me.
Billy Walker

Greg is very knowledgeable & easy to deal with . Ive bought a couple guns & have done a weapon transfers with him. Planning on going back
Bio-Rad Security

Not very nice people.I ordered a Traditions cannon .69 gold by accident on a Friday over the phone. I emailed them over the weekend to try and have them change the order before Traditions shipped it on Monday. Sunday they messaged me back and said 'WILL DO' well on Monday the woman at BOB's who manages the orders told me it had already been shipped. I called Traditions and they could not confirm anything since the vendor made the order. The item number is CN800 for the gold version and CN8001 for the nickel version the item numbers are very close so a mistake can be made it's just messed up that Bob's couldn't stop the order before a $644 mistake took place I know in the end it was my fault but if YOU ordered something for $650 bucks you would hope things could be fixed under this type of circumstance. In the end they told me 'Sir this is the item you ordered sorry it couldn't be changed' basically they told me to kick rocks
victor talavera

Great place to go to and really competitive prices I bought a glock 20 $50 dollars lower than other stores ... give them a try I'm pretty sure Greg will take care of you...