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marker Laguna Hills, California


22 reviews
Greg Shagam

I dropped off a rifle asking if a scope could be mounted. I was told I'd get a call in a couple days since Kevin wasn't in. I called a week later and spoke to Kevin, he said he hasn't looked at the rifle yet and would call me back. Another week has passed... no word. These guys need to learn how to communicate with their customers. If it is going to take 2 weeks to get a second to look over my rifle, call and communicate that. Not hard.
Byron Rashed

Good service, friendly. Dan is awesome!

Folks at Armstrong Arms are good people. Dan was very personable, informative and just down right friendly. I haven't gotten cerakoting yet, but sooner rather than later, Armstrong Arms will be my go to for any and all my gunsmithing needs
Dana Huff

Was directed here with a important task. I have not been disappointed once. Very professional and creative with my firearm needs. Truly a great group of craftsmen.
Ken Hauck

Friendly & knowledgeable. I thought I messed up my M&P Shield. But he looked at it for just a few seconds & freed up the action. I went shooting with it & it's just fine. Great job