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Artemis Defense Institute

marker Lake Forest, California


42 reviews
Spencer Verhines

I attended the CCW renewal course this weekend via ZOOM and was very impressed with how smooth the course went. I've attended several meetings and classes via ZOOM for work, etc. and rarely do they go as smooth as the course this weekend. On Day Two, at the range, everything went smooth as well. It was very clear that safety was the utmost priority. As in my past courses with Steven and Sandy, they were both very professional and sincere in their training. They each made sure we were receiving the information we need in order to be prepared and then some. Regarding the quality of training, I have a high degree of confidence that I received the best training available. I have referred several people to Artemis and will continue to do so.
Matthew E

I received my CCW training through Artemis about 2 years ago. I also have taken many of their classes on and off for the past 2 years. Artemis is a phenomenal company that truly cares about their students and takes the extra step to ensure they have a strong competence with firearms. One of the owners (Steven) handles a majority of the in-class training and is an attorney. You learn all of the ins and outs about where you can legally carry. We had a few people attending our class for their license renewal (they came at last quarter of the course), and I heard several of them state that they learned more in his abridged class than they did in the entirety of the class they took to get their permit initially. Any legal question you have, he's able to answer. It was very helpful and I left feeling much more confident about where I can carry and the overall firearms laws.With respect to the training, it's top notch. There are a variety of instructors, ranging from active/former military, FBI, police, etc. All of them bring a wealth of knowledge to their classes and I never left a class feeling like I hadn't learned something new. They start with the basics, such as the proper grip, varying types of reloads and how to clear the common types of jams. When you get into the advanced courses it runs the gamut of how to shoot and move, shoot from cover, off hand shooting, positional shooting, weapon retention, etc. Each time I begin to feel like I know enough, I am humbled and realize just how much more there is to learn and to practice (if only I had more time!). In short, I highly recommend Artemis Defense Institute.
Shayna St. James

I was excited to come here and considering a membership, but the instructor for Pistol 1, 2, 3 combined series today made basically nonstop political comments throughout the entire day, including threatening violence against 'people in Sacramento.' Contrary to stereotypes, gun owners and enthusiasts come from all political stripes, and CA is America, despite the instructor saying 'CA isn't really America.' (?) I won't be returning to this place, and anyone who isn't a drooling sycophant to the current administration will probably prefer to go elsewhere as well.
Alan Zarnegar

An incredible experience with great staff. Everyone should go through this training to see how their body reacts in real life high stress scenarios.
IE TruckPark

Come back for Renewing CCW after 2 years. Team and especially Instructor is very knowledgeable, everytime i visit is a new laws change informed, new incident/accident scenario learned, and more importantly: he working close with lawyer specialized in CCW field.Thank again for your time, wish all the best to your teams....