18 reviews

John's Gunsmithing

marker Mcarthur, California


18 reviews
Chadwick Armory

We trust John implicitly. All of our gunsmithing goes to him without a doubt. He is amazing, smart and talented. If we could give him 500 stars we would! Thanks John! You rock!
robert sherod

great guy, very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. drove up from sacramento to see him. i had a friend who had some gunsmithing work done at this guys place, and he couldnt stop talking about how good he was. i took a couple of old shotguns up to him that had been inoperable for years because no other gunsmiths would look at them. he told me to go to get a hamburger and come back in an hour. when i showed back up, he bad BOTH guns working, and they were 'as new' clean. seems that both just needed monor parts which he had on hand.couldnt be happier
william grolong

Drove 771 miles to the mcarthur/fall river area for deer season this year in X1, and found after i set up my camp and pulled my rifle out of its case that somehow it had been damaged in the trip. i remebered passing a gunsmithing sign on my way thru mcarthur so i did a quick search on google and found John's Gunsmithing. called the guy at 730 in the evening hoping to leave him a message and to my suprise he answered the phone. i explained to him what had happened, and he told me to bring my rifle right over. i drove over to his shop and took the gun in to him. after inspection , he not only fixed the problem i was having with my magazine and bolt (ice chest full of drinks and ice fell on my soft case in my trailer and i didnt realize) but he also pointed out that my front scope lens was CRACKED. he had a scope in stock and put it on, laser bore sighted it ( which by the way was almost spot on in itself) and had everything ready for my right away , AFTER HOURS. dont know many gunsmiths that would go that extra distance to help a customer.on top of that, i looked the scope up online, and his price was CHEAPER than i could find on amazon or elsewere.now im home and ive already sent him ANOTHER gun fedex to have him work on.hes got all my future business!Bill Grolong
Mathew Pixley

100% recommend. John was very prompt and thorough and followed all procedures exactly how they should of been. He was in the office on his day off and helped me out with a trade. I wont purchase a gun anywhere else, Thanks John!
jayson ray prognato

this guy! i was passing thru the area and saw his sign so wanted to stop and see what he had for guns and talk to him about issues ive had with an old bolt action rifle my father left me. his little shop didnt look like much from the outside, but i was pleasantly surprised when i went in. he has a small selection of new and used rifles,handguns and shotguns, and his prices were like WOW. i cant see how some of his guns were so CHEAP. some of his new guns were well below what ive seen elsewhere for the same exact guns. i brought dads old rifle in and he knew right away what it was. i handed it to him, he disappeared in the back room with it, came out a couple minutes later and it was all fixed! i tried to pay him for his work, and he wouldnt have it and told me it was a simple fix and it wouldnt be right to charge me. we talked fishing and hunting for a while ( hes also a guide i believe) and unfortunately i had to go. ill be coming back to this guy for all of my gunsmithing needs, thats for sure. cant go wrong with Johns Gunsmithing in McArthur!