7 reviews

BullsEye Tactical Firearms Training

marker Redding, California


7 reviews
Deanna Puhlman

We did our renewals and range classification with Chris all in one day and it was a great experience. He is very patient working with everyone and really makes the class very interesting. He makes it easy to understand the law as it pertains to when you use or not use your gun in different situations. With times getting more and more uncertain as to who the bad guy really is, you will leave the class knowing exactly what the law is and where you may stand when the rubber meets the road.
Sherrie Moore

I recently completed a CCW course at Bullseye Tactical Firearms Training. I was very impressed with Chris Ewens training. Previously, I had minimal expericnce with personal protection and firearms. Chris was very helpful, walking me through how to hold, draw, and shoot a gun safely. After completing his class, I now have a lot more confidence with regard to gun safety and personal protection.
Larry Pruitt

Chris holds small class sizes so he can closely watch the students to better ensure safety and have more time to provide improvement pointers and advise.
vinman 209

Chris donated his time at our local club, to do a Range Safety Officer certification class. His knowledge of the materials was excellent and he presented them in a way to make the course enjoyable. We much appreciate his dedication to his craft and to those of us in shooting sports.
jason lee

Amazing class, Christopher has an amazing amount of knowledge and skill in this industry, I would highly recommend him for taking your CCW classes, I took my initial with him and learned so much knowledge over the course of our class. Great class, great place!