9 reviews

Brixton Arms CO

marker Avon, Colorado


9 reviews
pile of dead coyotes

Great shop all around! Fair prices and very knowledgeable service tech. Glad this place is right down the road.
Justin Moore

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff and real clean and nice little shop and gunsmith
Justin Simon

Best gun store in the valley good prices great customer service they know what they are doing it's worth the the travel if you live far! I grew up in the valley it's better than the eagle store I highly recommend not going to the eagle store Brixton arms will have everything and if not they will order it to male sure you do
Noah Sherin

In Avon for skiing and have a thing where I visit a few gun stores in every new state I visit. Stopped by Brixton Arms with my dad and brother just to check out the selection and feel of the store. Were from California so of course couldnt buy firearms here, but I can certainly attest that if I could, I would buy from Temple Taylor (the owner) who was incredibly helpful! Hes very knowledgeable and and genuinely nice guy. For background, I used to work as a manager at a gun store so I feel I can attest to the high quality of this business. Spent about at least half an hour discussing all sorts of guns and comparing state laws. Temple was also very generous in taking the time to hand me all the cool selections I was admiring. Good selection of newer Glocks, Springfields, revolvers, shotguns etc. My favorite was for sure the pre-ban Mini-14 with folding stock he had restored. Check them out!
Mike Page

Best place around.